The first step is to sit down with the client to get an overview of what they are trying to achieve, their budget, schedule and any special conditions. This information is considered hand in hand with the property, existing zoning and building codes so that we can produce an educated response to the feasibility of the project and offer insight, opinions and options to the client. 


We feel that getting to know the client well is important to being able to translate their desires and needs into a place that they would call their own. The client meetings are integral to the design process. Once the client and FDDC are satisfied that the desires are well understood, the preliminary design phase begins. Taking all of the input from the previous client meetings, the initial 3D sketches and plans are created then presented for review and comments.


Once the preliminary design is reviewed and commented on the design is further refined. This process continues until a final design is achieved.


Once the client has signed off on the final design, the construction drawings are then created. These documents are created for pricing, permits and construction purposes for the city, contractors, vendors and various trades. 


Once the construction begins, FDDC oversees the construction site along with the contractor to ensure that everything is progressing according to plan. Strict quality control is continually preformed on all items and services to ensure the best possible product.